Bench-scale high-shear homogenizer for food and agricultural laboratories

Food Homogenizer

PRO Scientific Homogenizers are ideal bench-scale high-shear homogenizers for both the food and agricultural laboratories.

  • PRO Generators are precision crafted with a very narrow clearance between the inner rotating shaft and outer tube/chamber. This allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you will get the results you want each and every time.
  • A range of powerful PRO Homogenizers are available
  • Shear numbers are known for each and every PRO Quick Connect Generator. This means we can easily work with you when the times comes to scale up from our equipment to larger industrial homogenizers. PRO Scientific precision crafts our Generators and can provide you the shear numbers you are getting with our equipment so you will now exactly at what speeds/time to run your industrial equipment.

Food and Agricultural Homogenizer


Here are just some of the many application references of food and agricultural with a PRO Scientific Homogenizer:

Arabic gum (food grade) homogenizerPRO200 Homogenizer

Boneless pork loins homogenizer PRO250 Homogenizer

Broiler breast meat quality homogenizationPowerMax AHS250 a.k.a. PRO250 Homogenizer

Deodorizer distillates and natural vitamin E supplements homogenizerPRO250 Homogenizer

DNA Extraction from soil homogenizationPowerMaX a.k.a. PRO Homogenizer

Ground beef PRO250 Homogenizer

Heat processed foods – for assessment of dietary exposures, homogenization PRO200 Homogenizer

In can homogenization of pasta, sauce and meat products PRO250 Homogenizer

Mango seed kernel homogenizerPRO200 Homogenizer

Milk gels containing fat globules homogenization PRO300D Homogenizer

Pesticides homogenizerPRO250 Homogenizer with Titanium PRO Quick Connect Generator

Paper coated with hydrocolloid and lipid (used widely in the food industry for products such as bakery, beverage, confectionary, flavor coating, pet food, salad dressing soup) homogenizationPRO400 Homogenizer

Pork loins homogenization PRO250 Homogenizer

Pork quality homogenizationPRO250 Homogenizer

Protein concentrates from pulses homogenizationPowerMax AHS250 a.k.a. PRO250 Homogenizer

Sugar beet pectin homogenizerPRO300 Homogenizer

Soybean Homogenizer PRO300 Homogenizer with 30mm PRO Quick Connect Generator

Tissue samples in response to food bioactives homogenizationPRO400 Homogenizer

Total Vitamin E and β-Carotene of Reduced Fat-Mayonnaise homogenizationPRO Homogenizer

Tree spinach homogenizerMulti-Gen 7 Generator probes

Wheat flour homogenizerPRO350PC (equivalent product PRO400PC)