Tissue Homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizer

PRO Homogenizer are ideal tissue homogenizers 

• Provide consistent results with our PRO Quick Connect Generator Probes
Keep your samples at ambient temperature with little to no heat emmision
Easy and Convenient with no special tubes or beads to buy
Can eliminate cross-contamination between samples
Variable speed allows for maxiumum homogenization or if necessary for preservation of organelles, large molecules and viruses
Most homogenization can be complete in a matter of seconds

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Homogenizer Package Kits 
Selection based on tube size
For processing in tubes from .5ml up to 50ml
Quick & effective
Get the results you want each and every time
Built to last

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Multi-Sample Homogenization Systems
Econcomical Homogenization: Mulit-Gen 7XL 
Rapid Multi-Sample: Multi-Prep
Two-Step Homogenization: DPS-20

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Here are just some of the many application references of tissue homogenizing with a PRO Scientific Homogenizer:
Vanilloid receptor homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Fish tissue homogenization – PRO250 Homogenizer
Brain tissue homogenization – PRO250 Homogenizer
Frozen human pubococcygeus muscle tissue homogenization – PRO Homogenizer
Prostrate tissue homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Mud snail homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Myocardial tissue homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Muscle - hind limb tissue – PRO200 Homogenizer

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