Tissue Homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizer

PRO Homogenizers are ideal tissue homogenizers 

  • Provide consistent results with our PRO Quick Connect Generator Probes 
  • Keep your samples at ambient temperature with little to no heat emmision
  • Easy and Convenient with no special tubes or beads to buy
  • Can eliminate cross-contamination between samples
  • Variable speed allows for maxiumum homogenization or if necessary for preservation of organelles, large molecules and viruses
  • Most homogenization can be complete in a matter of seconds

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Homogenizer Package Kits 
Selection based on tube size
For processing in tubes from .5ml up to 50ml
Quick & effective
Get the results you want each and every time
Built to last

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Multi-Sample Homogenization Systems
Econcomical Homogenization: Mulit-Gen 7XL 
Rapid Multi-Sample: Multi-Prep
Two-Step Homogenization: DPS-20

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Here are just some of the many application references of tissue homogenizing with a PRO Scientific Homogenizer:
Vanilloid receptor homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Fish tissue homogenization – PRO250 Homogenizer
Brain tissue homogenization – PRO250 Homogenizer
Frozen human pubococcygeus muscle tissue homogenization – PRO Homogenizer
Prostrate tissue homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Mud snail homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Myocardial tissue homogenization – PRO200 Homogenizer
Muscle - hind limb tissue – PRO200 Homogenizer

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