Potter-Elvehjem Grinding Chambers and Pestles vs. PRO Scientific Homogenizer


Potter-Elvehjem Grinding Chamber vs. Bio-Gen PRO200 Homogenizer



 PRO Generator Probes Precision design for consistent results 

Whether your are equipping your PRO Homogenizer with one of our PRO Quick Connect Generator Probes or our Multi-Gen 7XL Multi-Sample Generator Probes to homogenize your tissue samples, you will get consistent results each and every time something that is near impossible with a Tissue Grinder Potter-Elvehjem.  All PRO Generator Probes are precision crafted to ensure efficient and effective tissue homogenization. They are also manufactured out of 316SS to be chemically compatible with your sample and reagents.    All PRO Homogenizers offer variable speed control. Variable speed allows for maximum homogenization or if necessary for preservation of organelles, large molecules and viruses.




What's the difference?  Which is right for you?

With a Tissue Grinder Potter-Elvehjem, the PTFE pestle is attached to a stainless steel shaft and homogenization occurs as the sample and buffer are forced through the cylindrical portion of the mortar as the pestle rotates downward.  Generally this is a hand-held process since all movement is done by hand.  PRO Scientific Homogenizer are rotor stator homogenizers. Cell disruption with the rotor-stator homogenizer involves hydraulic and mechanical shear as well as cavitation. 

Using a Potter-Elvehjem homogenizer with a PTFE pestle is a viable option for disrupting cells.  However, it is not very efficient at homogenizing solid tissue.


When the correct tissue homogenizing equipment is selected, most homogenization will take a 10-30 seconds.  This means, little to no heat will be emitted.  When there is a concern about samples being kept at sub-ambient temperatures, samples can easily be homogenized in an ice-bath or cooling bead bath.


PRO Soft Tissue Homogenizer Can I use a PRO Homogenizer for soft tissues too?

Absolutely!  You need not be limited to using only a Tissue Grinder Potter-Elvehjem with your soft tissue samples, such as liver or brain.  A PRO Scientific rotor-stator homogenizer can be an effective means of homogenizing soft tissues.  When using a rotor-stator homogenizer, like PRO Scientific’s homogenizer, it is important to select a generator probe that provides a low sheer number.  With that generator probe selected, most homogenization will take place in a matter of seconds, so heat production is not a concern.  We have a variety of homogenizer package kits that are ideal 

Examples of PRO Scientific Homogenizers being used to homogenize soft tissue samples:


Fatty liver – PRO200 Homogenizer

Rat liver – PRO200 Homogenizer

Liver – PRO200 Homogenizer

Equine liver – PRO200 Homogenizer

Mouse liver – PRO200 Homogenizer

Kidney - PRO200 Homogenizer

Renal tumor - PRO200 Homogenizer

Hippocampi - PRO200 Homogenizer

Thalamus - PRO200 Homogenizer

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