Multi-Gen Homogenizer Applications: The better alternative to plastic homogenizer probes

Multi-Gen Homogenizer Probes

You may be concerned about cross contamination between samples while homogenizing, but remember…plastic doesn’t cut it.

Multi-Gen 7 and Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizer Probes are the better alternative to plastic disposable homogenizer probes.

Multi-Gen 7XL Generator Probes



Our advantages over plastic disposable probes:

Higher sample breakdown yields

Multi-Gen probes provide higher sample breakdown yields even for homogenization of difficult samples, including the toughest of tissues over plastic versions. The clearance between the stainless steel rotor-stator is extremely tight and along with its open-slotted teeth, lead to higher shear rates along with faster overall cutting ability compared to the plastic versions. This provides better performance in results in less time.


Extended usage

Multi-Gen Probes were quality tested and run for 11 hours and showed no signs of wear because of its quality design and superior material. Plastic versions have limited usage, depending on brand some will even only allow 1-2 uses.  Plastic probes are commonly recommended as single use. In some cases, an overused plastic disposable probe or tough sample can shatter or splitter it during homogenizing.


Chemical compatibility

Multi-Gen Probes material components of 316 Stainless Steel and PTFE provides a greater reagent compatibility compared to plastic models, which have significant limitations.  Cleaning Multi-Gen probes is easier because of this construction and probes can be continually sterilized by any method, including flaming & autoclaving. Plastic versions can only be cleaned with certain methods, and depending on brand, maybe autoclaved 1-2 times no matter the sample.


Environmentally & budget conscious

Multi-Gen Probes are environmentally and budget friendly compared to continually discarding plastic versions.  Avoid making your homogenizing a consumable.  Multi-Gen Probes have the ability to be continually used, unlike a plastic probe that will need to be purchased again and again. 



Multi-Gen 7 & 7XL Applications

Here are just some of the many application references of homogenizing with a PRO Scientific Homogenizer and Multi-Gen Probes

Raw and cooked leaf samples homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes

Rat uterus homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes

Murine thymus homogenization for RNA analysis – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes

Bacteria skin pieces homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes

Human Spermatozoal RNA homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes

Lung tissue homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes

Lung tissue homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes with PRO200 Homogenizer

Ventricle homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes with PRO200 Homogenizer

Frozen liver needle biopsies homogenization, RNA extraction – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes with PRO200 Homogenizer

Uteri homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes


Heart tissue homogenization – Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer Probes




Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizer Probes in Action



Available to add on to any existing PRO Homogenizer


In a convenient homogenizing package kit (includes everything you  need to begin homogenizing)