Choosing a homogenizer

Homogenizer Package Kit Selection Chart

·        How to select a homogenizer package kit that best suits your needs

·        Use this handy flow through chart to assist you in selecting a homogenizer to best suit your needs


Homogenizer Selection Guide

·        Factors to think about when selecting a homogenizer

·        Wet vs. Dry Samples

·        Tube Size

·        Sample Size

·        Generator Width

·        Configuration of probe in sample

·        Speed and particle reduction



·        General Homogenizer Applications

·        RNA DNA Homogenizer

·        Tissue Homogenizer

·        Bench-Scale High-Shear Homogenizer for Food and Agricultural Laboratories

·        Compounding Homogenizer

·        Biofuel Homogenization

·        Cardiac Tissue Homogenization

·        Estuarine & Water Research Homogenizers

·        Frozen Sample Homogenization

Need more help selecting a homogenizer package?

PRO Homogenizers versus some of the "cheaper options" homogenizer options
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Homogenizer Package Literature

Laboratory Equipment Catalog

Food Homogenizer

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