Bead Mill Homogenizer vs. PRO Scientific Homogenizer



Bead Mill Homogenizer vs. PRO Homogenizer


True or False?

“Bead mills provide better cell lysis compared to rotor stator homogenizers.”



Mechanical homogenizers are more than capable of providing the same level of cell lysis in a fraction of the time it takes a bead mill. 

Most mechanical homogenizing is done in a matter of seconds with ZERO heat produced and you can continue on with your same tubes you are processing in, no need to buy special tubes and beads! 

The same piece of PRO homogenizing equipment can homogenize both soft and hard tissue samples.




Bead mill homogenizers were developed for samples too tough to be homogenized in a common lab vortex mixer. 

However, they are not the answer for most mechanical homogenizing needs that require anything stronger than a lab blender results.


PRO Scientific Homogenizers can successfully process a WIDE RANGE of samples including but not limited to:

Muscle tissue

Cardiac tissue

Bone sample

Food samples including pork and tough materials

Plant material



Bead mill homogenizing is self-contained in a custom bead mill tube…however this mean you are either restricted with the type of tubes you can continue working in your sample preparation or you have to transfer your sample.

PRO Scientific Homogenizers allow you to economically homogenize in your current tube or containers. 
We have generator probes to accommodate tubes from
.5ml up to 50ml and every size in between!

 Tube homogenizer


With a bead mill there are a variety of beads are available dependent upon your sample type…however this creates a consumable commodity and your lab must be constantly stocked with a variety of costly beads.

Homogenizing should not be a consumable product. 
Your lab budget should be saved for other necessary pieces of equipment and supplied. 
With our PRO Homogenizers, you buy what you need once and that is it!

Our PRO Homogenizer Packages are on sale and have been pre-selected to best suit your particular application needs.

 PRO Homogenizer Package



PRO Generators are precision crafted with a very narrow clearance between the inner rotating shaft and outer tube/chamber. This allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you will get the results you want each and every time!


Our PRO generator probes can allow you to homogenize down to a submicron level if needed.

PRO Generator Probes

PRO Rotor Stator Homogenizers provide better results compared to Bead Mill Homogenizers

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