PRO Scientific Maintenance Promotion

Buy a generator probe maintenance kit for only $46.00.

Maintenance kits available for 5mm, 7mm and 10mm PRO Quick Connect Generators.



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5mm Generator Service Pk.(5mm lower bearing,washer,brush and PRO screwdriver)



7mm Generator Service Pk.(7mm lower bearing,washer,brush and PRO screwdriver)



10mm Generator Service Pk.(10mm lower bearing,washer,brush and PRO screwdriver)


















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Tips to maximize your PRO Quick Connect Generator Probe's performance.



  • Never run the generator assembly dry. The generator requires liquid sample/medium to lubricate the bearings during processing.

  • Without the liquid, the PTFE bearings can burn out and cause damage to the generator itself.

  • Make sure you are processing the recommended sample volume for the generator/generator assembly you are using. If you are unsure if this is the correct generator for your application, please contact a sales representative before using the generator.

  • Always begin homogenizing at a low rpm, and then gradually increase the speed to your target level.

  • Please follow the instructions in the manual to ensure that you attach the generator/generator assembly properly to the motor unit. (Request a copy of your manual)

  • We recommend taking apart and cleaning generators on a regular basis.


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