Homogenizer Package Kits

PRO Homogenizer Kits provide everything you need to begin homogenizing based on your application.  Our Homogenizer Kits help you identify the necessary homogenizing equipment easier because they are process and/or volume range specific.

Homogenizing package kits are simplified into four categories: :

Micro-Sample Homogenizer: Focuses on using 0.5ml and 1.5ml/2ml micro-tubes
Multi-Sample Homogenizer: Multiple sample processes within 1.5ml - 50ml tubes 
Tube Range Homogenizer: Using larger sample piece sizes within 1.5ml - 50ml tubes 
Tube-to-Beaker Homogenizer: From using only larger tubes or ranging from large tubes - 1.5 Liters

Besides the different homogenizer package kits, PRO has other homogenizing options that may fit your need better.
Please feel free to visit the other product categories or contact us directly for assistance.