PRO400DSEL Digital Benchtop Homogenizer (Extra Length)

Part Number : 01-01400DSEL
Price: $7,089.00


  • Compact digital benchtop unit
  • Powerful 1305 high watt motor
  • Extra Length stand for taller containers
  • Bright LED display & user-friendly controls
  • Homogenize, emulsify, blend, and/or mix
  • Large processing range, 0.05ml to 30L*
  • Motorized PRO TRAC stand
  • Made in the USA with a 2 Year Warranty
  • Generator probe not included


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General Info

The PRO400DSEL D-Series Digital Benchtop Homogenizer Unit has the same perfect balance of power and superior performance as the PRO400DS. However, the EL version offers an Extra Long stand height, which provides a total of 31 inches of length for a taller container. Its more height over the standard PRO400DS model that has 14.5 inches of length.

Combing a high watt motor and advanced technology in digital speed controls has resulted in the most reliable and durable laboratory benchtop homogenizer unit. Between its 3 Turn Speed Knob ability to adjust RPM in the hundreds opposed too thousands and brighter LED display provides a more user-friendly control. Additional feature such as the Dual-Power Light Indicator for simpler error/problem identification and the Extra Length PRO TRAC stand, which is a motorized stand developed by PRO Scientific for effortless, accurate, and smooth motor position, forms the most advanced digital benchtop homogenizer on the market. 

With a sample volume range capability from micro-liters to very large containers, it demonstrates enormous processing versatility, which is designed to homogenize, emulsify, blend, and/or mix organic and inorganic materials. The entire line of probes can be mounted to this unit, it can process samples from 0.03ml to 30L*.Requires a generator probe to use. Generator probes are sold separately. PRO Homogenizing Equipment is made in the USA with a 2 Year Warranty.

Please Note: Viscous samples will reduce max capacity.  Adding a Deflector Head to your Generator Probe will facilitate movement of your sample during homogenization and help increase max volume homogenization.

*Higher volumes dependent on viscosity.


Volume Processing Range: 0.05ml - 30L*
Power Rating: 1305 Watts
RPM Range: 0 - 23,000
Speed Control: Digital; Variable speed
Noise rating: 68 dB
Weight: 41 pounds
Dimensions: 15.25 X 14 X 41 in.

*Higher volumes dependent on viscosity.